Our Little Motive

As 6 and a half weeks have flown by in what feels like a week I thought it would be a nice idea to keep an online blog of the ups and downs of becoming new parents and to back track 9 months on the highs (won’t be too many of these except consuming my body weight in food) and downs of my pregnancy (lots).

Everyone says “time flys” and it really does so what better time to start the memories whilst Ava naps on me (after 3 attempts of trying to settle her in the moses basket I gave up and let her use me as her bed)!

I want to share the real life experiences – the happy blessed times and the tears (and my goodness there have been a lot of those).

I am definitely not here to give advise on parenthood as lets be honest who knows whats right and wrong, these babies do not come out with a handy unique manual. I would like to share my experiences and things that have helped me.

Every day is a new experience and I am excited to share this with whoever fancies a read.

Love Leah Xx