Morning Sickness

Ginger tea, ginger biscuits, sucking lemons, sipping water, eating small and often, sickness bands, eating something first thing in the morning… Did it work for me? did it heck!

My morning sickness was unfortunately: ALL MORNING, ALL AFTERNOON, ALL NIGHT sickness for months and months.

I was always one to moan about people who said they had morning sickness, I thought ‘oh you’re pregnant get over it, you aren’t ill’ and yes it’s true pregnancy isn’t an illness but being sick all day every day is most definitely not pleasant.

Two stories including bad sickness experiences:


At about 8 weeks pregnant I went on a girly holiday to Tenerife. My morning sickness wasn’t too bad before we went, it was more of a queasy feeling but I wasn’t actually vomiting. Half way through the holiday we all decided to go on a boat trip, (bearing in mind I get motion sickness too, why I thought a boat trip whilst 8 weeks pregnant was a good idea I will never know). This was a ‘dolphin, whale and turtle trip’ and I can tell you now I never saw any bloody dolphins, whales or turtles. All I spent my €40 on was seeing the bottom of a plastic bin bag full of my vomit. An hour later, still pucking, I have to thank Becky for holding my bag for me whilst she was also being sick from the boat AND for still being my friend after the wind blew some of my sick over her – thanks Beck! So yes, this is where my morning sickness started and every day from then on I was sick. I will never ever forget sicking up the fry up breakfast at the hotel, I won’t forget those horrible little sausages. EVER!

Below photo (us girlies in Tenerife before sickness hit)

A few months later Ash and I really wanted a day out. I had been sick so much and we just wanted to try and get out of the house so we decided to go to Bristol Balloon Festival…

I managed to keep down two Weetabix before heading off in the morning so I was feeling pretty proud of myself. After packing the car with lots of sick bags and water we headed off. 20 minutes in to the 2 hour journey the sickness began. We were on the motorway and I had gone through all of my sick bags with nowhere to stop. Still being sick and stuck in traffic I then had to jump into the back of the car and use one of the cool bags (and the car floor). It was pretty embarrassing that people could see me spewing in the back of the car. The sickness calmed down so having got back in the front we were driving off a junction and my sickness just started coming up from nowhere. Ash quickly pulled over coming off the motorway and I just jumped (rolled) out and spewed again, standing on the side of the motorway bare foot with sick spewing out (brilliant)!

When we finally got there, we were searching for spaces to sit amongst  the thousands of people close enough to run to the nearest loo/bush/any open area away from public eyes just incase the sickness came from nowhere. Luckily the sun was shining and we actually did have a lovely sick free day (hurray).

It was true what some people said that the sickness would go away, although they didn’t say it would be months and months later and they didn’t say it would come back again in the third trimester, but there you go!

Love Leah Xx