No Dummy & A Clean House

There were things we said before becoming parents that we now realise were quite naive. I remember once saying “why do parents give babies dummies? Babies don’t come into this world and ask for a dummy”. How ridiculous did I sound? I broke my own rule 3 days in. In the first few weeks Ava was fine without a dummy in the daytime, however at night time she just wouldn’t settle. Anything we would do (i.e. cuddle, skin to skin contact, stand up cradling or an extra feed) wouldn’t work. We sterilised a dummy and WOW it really did work – it settled and comforted her immediately.

Now, 2 months on Ava does have her dummy when she needs settling or when she is having  her grumpy time. Most of the time she spits it out after 5 minutes and we have our happy bubba back.

“I NEED to polish, hoover, clean…”

In the first few weeks I felt like I needed to keep the house ‘spick and span’ every single day, a similar feeling to my ‘nesting’ a few months up until Ava was born. I wanted everything to be perfect and in place. However, I soon realised keeping the house so clean would become some what impossible with a new born baby needing me every minute of the day and also not very important at all. The time with our baby is so much more precious therefore the pile of ironing and toothpaste stains in the bathroom sinks can wait another few days.

Now I try and do something little every other day or so instead to try and keep on tops of things. I never thought I would find putting the dishwasher and washing machine on in one day would feel like a massive accomplishment. (Woo go me!)

“Won’t let Ava sleep in our bed”

Actually, we’ve stuck to this one (this is not intentional). Ava just likes sleeping in her own cot so much and likes her own space without us. I think Ava thinks she’s too cool for us already. I am sure if Ava really couldn’t sleep in her cot or moses basket and would only settle in our bed then we would allow her to do so… whatever makes them sleep hey!

So parents keep doing what you are doing, you know what’s best for your baby. Let’s spread more positivity as parenting is hard enough without being judged too! (I’ve taken my own advise)

Love Leah Xx