Please Get Wine

Don’t get me wrong, being a new mumma really is the best thing ever, I walk into Ava’s room in the morning and see her grinning from ear to ear and I think ‘n’awh you’ve just made my whole day, it’s going to be a good day’. THEN, there are other days and I think ‘oh its going to be one of those days is it’

Ava doesn’t really cry too often (yes I know, we’ve been called lucky millions of times) however this doesn’t mean she doesnt (picture proof below for those who are yet to believe me) but there are still days with or without tears that make me want to pull my hair out. It sometimes feels whatever I do it just doesn’t please our little diva… feed, cuddle, play, change of nappy, feed, cuddle, play, change of nappy, feed, cuddle, play, change of nappy – you get the idea! It can be SO draining!

Or there are the days where I feel stuck to the sofa feeding all day (I know this probably sounds so good to everyone who is currently working but the novelty does wear off I promise). Thank goodness we finally gave in and bought Netflix (‘Orange Is The New Black’ – you’ve been a live savoir). Sometimes I have to hold a wee in for hours until Ash comes home as I feel glued to the sofa so he can hold her.

Days like these lead me to sending Ash these sort of messages…

Just imagine this noise… so cute (hmmm)!

Most of the time our little bubba is such a happy baby but sometimes I just don’t know what to expect, every day is definitely a learning experience. What i’ve learnt so far is that as long as there is always wine chilling in the fridge for the end of the day I can tackle whatever our princess of the house has planned.

Love, Leah Xx