My Hospital Bag (Suitcase)

Pinterest, Google, NHS website, Bounty…

…just some of the sites I was on for hours (no exaggeration) to find the ‘perfect’ hospital bag checklist. By 30 weeks pregnant my hospital suitcase was waiting and ready to go. I honestly packed for a week!

Everything I read did say pack by 30 weeks which is understandable just incase you go into early labour however not so great when you walk past the suitcase whilst very heavily pregnant for 12 whole weeks after.

I’m not going to write my checklist as I don’t think its a great example for anyone to use and I did pack everything except the kitchen sink. My hospitalΒ bag resembled outfits and accessories for a holiday, apparently I thought I was going to be able to walk out of hospital glamorous. Reality hit and IΒ waddled out bear foot, in my pyjamas, greasy hair, very sleep deprived and extremely sore.

I thought I’d write down some of the things which were unnecessary for me, the things that really did work and what I wish I had.

Didn’t need:

  • Make up – The only time I actually got my make up bag out was when I really wanted to go home. The midwives were keeping me in extra nights as I was quite poorly after giving birth however the naive me just wanted to go home. So, I thought I’d ‘trick’ the midwives and put blusher on my face to make me look ‘perky’. Β I put so much pink on my cheeksΒ that I looked like a clown. Obviously I didn’t fool the midwives and I stayed another night. Looking back the midwives were only doing their job and I was quite an emotional poorly mess to look after. Other than the extremely rosey cheeks I didn’t care what my face looked like.
  • Oil for ‘massage’ in labour – I did NOT want to be massaged throughout labour, I would have punched anyone who tried to massage me.
  • Hair dryer & Straighteners – I couldn’t even walk to the shower room for the first 2 days. When I finally showered I didn’t expect Ash to have to help me wash and dress. I just about got a hair brush through my wet hair so there wasn’t anyway I was going to make my hair look any less cavewomen-like.
  • A very detailed birth plan – I didn’t even take it out of the suitcase. I spent so long planning and not one thing went to plan.
  • A weeks worth of baby clothes – just the essential baby grows, baby hat, vests and muslins would have been more than enough. Why did I think I needed two hand knitted sets of baby booties and normal booties?

My Live Savours:

  • Lucozade, snacks for after, sanitary pads (they said i’d bleed, I didn’t realise how much) and PJ bottoms!

What I wish I had:

  • FLIP FLOPS – Even in the cold month of February this is all I wanted. On the post birth ward I saw quite a few women wearing flip flops, they were clearly the pro mumma’s at post labour. I brought slippers, socks, shoes… nothing fit! I didn’t realise my feet would swell up SO much. I was so jealous of the ladies who had their flippers on!
  • Nipple pads/nipple cream/nipple shields – Nipple blimmin everything – OUCH OUCH OUCH

Note to self: next time you don’t need the suitcase, just a bag with essentials will do. Also, put the bag in a spare room until you actually go into hospital, you don’t need it in the hallway starring at you for 12 weeks.

I did try and get a ‘cute’ photo of Ava posing with a suitcase to tie-up this post, but as you can imagine it didn’t go to plan…mummy fail!

Love, Leah Xx