Do They Want It To Be A Failure?

So far I’ve learnt that some people really feel the need to give their opinions on everything to do with pregnancy, parenting and baby (funnily enough mostly the ones without having children)… I’m going to write a new post soon about the comments and how it felt like I should ‘raise’ Ava in the first few weeks of her being born but for the time being I thought I would rant about the most annoying thing which is when people seem to want to bring negativity to everything that is going well.

“Does Ava sleep well?”  me: “yes from about 10pm until 7/8am” – some responses: “you have it easy” “easy baby” “it will all change”

“Does Ava eat well?” me: “yes” – some responses: “well thats because she’s on a bottle” “its because a bottle keeps her better for longer” “breastfeeding would have been better though”

“Does Ava cry much?” “She does cry but mostly only when she’s hungry or has an upset tummy” – some responses “Oh well just wait then until they teeth, it will change and she will cry more” “its not about being good parents you just have a good baby”

Can’t I just enjoy if my baby is currently sleeping? Can’t I just enjoy if my baby is smiling? Can’t I just enjoy that my baby feeds well? Does everything I say really need to have an excuse behind? It really does feel like sometimes people want my response to be bad and if its not then they will make sure to tell me to ‘wait for a change’. WHY DO I WANT TO WAIT FOR A BAD CHANGE? NO THANK YOU I WILL ENJOY MY LITTLE 3 MONTH YEAR OLD FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

I do understand other mummys have a really hard time and their babies don’t sleep and  don’t eat etc and I do sympathise. I would actually understand them responding to me in the way other people do. I think this is because they know even on good days its still hard work.

Good or bad days parenting is hard and is anything but easy.

Ranty McRantson over.

Let’s end this with a nice smiley happy baby to lighten the mood 😍

Love, Leah Xx