PND in Dads

After giving birth I read and heard a lot about baby blues, post natal depression and anxiety for some mothers. It really is so serious and we are all lucky to have the help from health visitors, family, confiding in other blogs, groups etc.

But what about the dads? After giving birth it really does seem to be about the women which don’t get me wrong I do understand having physically been through pregnancy, labour and all those crazy hormones however a new born baby flips their lives upside down too. Maybe not as physically as women but most definitely mentally.

The reason I have decided to write a post about this is because I got thinking about returning to work soon (when I say soon, I mean at the end of the year at the earliest) and started to have my own little meltdown. Then I though oh S*** how can I start getting in a hissy fit about this when Ash had to go back to work only 2 weeks after Ava was born? I wouldn’t be able to leave that soon and maybe Ash didn’t want to but he didn’t really have the choice. Could this make him feel like he’s not being a good enough father as he’s not there for most of the day? Could this make him feel like his bond isn’t as strong? How do they feel?

Luckily, Ash and Ava do have the best bond and he is loving being a new daddy to her but what if he did have post natal depression and anxiety. Is there enough help there out for new dads? Speaking on my behalf I open up quite a lot and do speak however men in general seem to not speak about their feelings quite as much as women.

I started reading up on this and found depression hits 1 in 5 new fathers and 1 in 3 fathers are concerned about their mental health. A good support group I found online is the following:


Raising awareness of the impact of perinatal mental health and make sure that everyone remembers that “Dads Matter” too!

Depression Alliance:

Lets support the dads as well as us mummys, we are all important!

Love, Leah Xx