Champers For Pampers – My Fourth Trimester

I was not prepared for the ‘fourth’ trimester… I knew I was going to be swapping nights out for a party at Ava’s cot at 3am and life would completely change but I didn’t quite realise all of the effects my body would go through after giving birth. Here are some of the things I wasn’t prepared for:

More Blimmin’ Hormones – I was so happy to finally loose my crazy pregnancy hormones after giving birth only to find the new post pregnancy hormones!

Sweaty Betty – I had such bad night sweats for the first few weeks.

Hair loss – I had actually heard about this before but it still came as a bit of a shock. Sometimes when I am doing my hair I just find clumps of hair missing and its falling out all over the place.

Swelling – I struggled with this one for a while. I did not realise my face would look like a hamster, I wouldn’t fit into any clothes (even maternity) except pj bottoms and I didn’t realise my feet wouldn’t fit into shoes for a few weeks. The midwives advised it was because I had an epidural and it was very normal to swell up.

Stretch marks – By the end of my pregnancy my belly was covered in stretch marks. I didn’t quite realise how many I had until after birth when I was left with saggy skin covered in marks. I was feeling quite down about them as I knew they would fade but not completely disappear. I now feel much better about them as they have faded quite a lot (with a lot of help from oils and creams) but they are still there.

Clothing – Still in my maternity leggings, oh the joy! Likewise with my underwear, not quite got back to normality with these yet. Comfy HUGE granny pants are still top choice for me.

And of course, all sorts of problems with the downstairs area. OUCH!

I guess it was quite silly to think after giving birth everything would be normal again. That being said, it still came as a shock as I wasn’t really aware of the ‘fourth trimester’ until I was in it!


P.S I am not trying to put anyone off having babies. Its all worth it (except gravity taking over and everything falling to the floor!!!)