Mummys Day Off

I had been longing for a day/afternoon/hour to myself for weeks and weeks. I felt like my brain had been turning to mush. It’s been baby groups, baby play, baby songs, baby swimming, baby tv, baby everythiiiiiiing!

‘Charlie & The Numbers’ – you are brilliant, my baby loves you and you are my guilty pleasure too but if I was to hear the song ‘1,123,12345,678,9,10’ ONE more time without having a day to myself I would have lost the plot.

I shouldn’t moan because I decided to have a baby and obviously baby things were going to be the new thing but I just needed a bit of time to relaaaax!

So, this day had come around and I was quite excited in the morning knowing Ava would be gone for the afternoon (sounds awful right? looking forward to my baby ‘going’. She was in safe hands may I add – with her nanna).

 All ready to go.

Milk machine gone, nappy bag gone, bottles gone and Ava has gone. I have all this time in the world, I was freeeeee (for a few hours) So, what should I do first?

  • Have a hot cup of tea? That is a luxury these days!
  • Go for a long hot bath?
  • Maybe even pee in peace?
  • Go to the shops?
  • Watch TV?
  • Do the house work? (actually this is a lie, there was no way I was doing this)
  • Get my nails done?

…the list could go on and on.

What did I do? I did the most ridiculous thing ever and for the first few hours had a cry over the fact Ava had gone for the afternoon. I just sat on my phone looking through photos and videos of Ava and I was missing her so much. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! The day I had longed for was just starting to waste away because all I really wanted was big cuddles and to watch Ava smile at bloody ‘Charlie & The Numbers’.

After looking through all of my photos I decide to slap myself in the face and get over it. I knew Ava would be back in the evening so I gave myself some words of advise and decide to just HAVE A BREAK. I grabbed a coffee, got comfy and continued reading ‘Truly Happy Baby’. This was still reminding me of Ava but also giving me a bit of a break from crying (get a grip woman!).

I then really did start to enjoy myself and relax, it did feel really good to have a few hours to myself and just be ‘me’. Of course I am going to miss Ava when she is not around but we all need time to ourselves to recuperate and not feel guilty about it. A happy mum is a happy baby after all.