All The Gear & No Idea – Weaning

Ava is 4 months old and the word ‘weaning’ is slowly creeping on us and is quite frankly scaring the living day light out of me. I know I need to slowly swap giving a bottle however many times a day to a tasty meal but how do I do the weaning bit in the middle?

I see lots of lovely photos on instagram of people looking like they are seriously nailing these purified pears but where do I actually start? And WHAT age? 4 months? 6 months? ahhhh!

I started with getting the Cow & Gate 5 weaning step book (free online from their website, go get it ladies and gents) and then decided to buy a high chair, cute cups, weaning books, spoons, plates, freezer pots, blah blah blah.

So where’s best to start? I’m going to try baby rice this weekend just to see how it goes but do you just do this once a day? With or without a bottle? Does anyone have a great tips that have worked for them?

These Annabel Karmel books have great meal planners in and they seem quite easy to follow so I think this will be my saving grace but any hints or tips would be much appreciated!

I’m excited to start experimenting different purees and tastes for Ava. Apple, Pear, Banana, Papaya, Carrot, Swede, Parnsip, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash… Mmm. Get ready Ava your tastebuds are going to taste the rainbow (don’t worry everyone I’m not going to be feeding her skittles)!