When’s Baby Number 2 & Summer Days

Literally days after Ava was born I started getting frequently asked “whens the next one?” HOLD UP PEOPLE I haven’t even got out of the maternity ward yet and people are trying to get me back in here for the next!

The answer is we just don’t know yet! It changes so much, I get broody all the time when I see a pregnant woman or a new born but then at the same time we are enjoying Ava soooo much and have lots of things to look forward to this year! Another thing is that when I was pregnant with Ava I really struggled withΒ hyperemesis gravidarum for most of my pregnancy and I know that every pregnancy is different and it may not happen again but right now we aren’t ready to have bubba number two!

I am however (if we’re lucky enough again) so excited to have another baby in the not too distant future and give Ava a sister or brother – that excites me SO much! I think she’d make such an amazing big sister (bossy but amazing).


WOWZA ITS BEEN HOT UP IN HERE!Β Yes I know another Brit moaning about the hot weather and another mum about to moan about how hard it is coping with a sweaty clingy non-sleeping agitated moaning tantrum throwing toddler! Ok, maybe thats enough Β but you get my gist? I can’t moan too much as Ava is only one and I am 24 years old and I have probably been just as agitated with not being able to sleep or cool down!

Having said that, it has been so lush to be able to have BBQ’s, the paddling pool out and just being able to enjoy sitting outside at 8pm!

Ava absolutely loves being outside so we tend to spend a lot of days and time playing outside, its so lovely to see her running around and enjoying the great outdoors!



^ Striking those poses at one years old! We have such a diva – we love her so much! She makes us cry with laughter every single day and she has such a little personality which we wouldn’t change for anything.

Thats all for now πŸ™‚

P.S. I wrote this blog post last week when it was roasting, now it feels like winter again and its too cold! I moan when its hot and moan when its cold, can’t win!Β